MC SHIPPING AND LOGISTICS. has provided a high quality, cost-effective level of service to the transportation community for over 10 years - our flagship business, WMC SHIPPING AND LOGISTICS, was originally founded in 2013. As a Nationally Permitted European Union Customs Broker & Export Foreign Freight Forwarder, we participate in all phases of the Automated Broker Interface (ACE, RLF, ACH, AES, AMS, CSI, ISF, reconciliation and all other programs), enabling us to custom clear merchandise or export your cargo as quickly and efficiently as possible. Although established as a freight forwarder, handling internationally bound cargo in the all over Europe area, our focus on providing seamless product and information flow has helped us to grow to the point where we now offer an entire suite of complementary services - Customs Broker, Freight Forwarding, Logistics operations, Trucking and Warehousing. With our strong emphasis on compliance, we have been recognized as a leader in such programs as the Importer Security Filing initiative. All of our locations are staffed with licensed Customs Brokers that offer years of expertise that professionally represent our customers and meet all regulatory requirements.

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MC SHIPPING AND LOGISTICS is dedicated to creating unique partnerships that provide logistics solutions resulting in value added services that will exceed our customers’ expectations. Our ability to adapt to market changes, create new trends and provide customized solutions will continue to allow us to identify and execute key strategies with our clientele. Moving forward, our goals are to be innovative, to create modern and dependable programs, maintain industry compliance, and to deliver “One Global Solution” seamlessly connecting the hemispheres.

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